About us

We..., these are my husband Michael, son Nick, my daughters Alica and Shania and at the end of course me..., the Nadi..., which makes in total:

Family Koschwitz from Bauler! :-)   

Our hometown Bauler is a tiny village with about 100 inhabitants in the Eifel, near the border to Vianden/Luxemburg.

Picturesque mountain landscapes invite you to go forlong and relaxing walks.


Where others spend their holidays, we live on a 10.000 -sqm-property in our self-built house.

Here humans and animals have enough space and calm, so that the conditions for a appropriate dog keeping and breeding are ideal.


The dogs all live together with us in the house and so they are involved in daily familylife around the clock. The same goes for the puppy rearing. The puppies grow up since their birth together with the other residents in the house. 


The little ones early learns a good social behavior, which they will take for further life with on their way!  In addition, our puppies are as good as housebroken, already go on a leach, know car driving and much more from everyday life when they will go to their new owners!


The goal of our small hobby breed are especially family-friendly, healthy and according to the standard breed sighthounds with a harmonious, beautiful and elegant appearance. Their body is of stable stature - thus strength and endurance of the original breed typically Borzoi such as Deerhound are absolutely given!

To my sighthound herd also belongs other dogs - our havaneses -   the smallest in the herd, but absolutely suitable in any respect! :-)


21 years joyful Borzoi and Deerhound experience give me the motivition to use also for future all my knowledge and my love into the breeding on typeful, healthy sighthounds!

After this little insight, I hope you will have a lot of joy and fun while browsing and looking my

my website and of course with the Alshamina-dogs!



    Nadja Koschwitz with family 


the doggies

"I breed with a passion..., with body, soul and mind! And even when the little ones have left their birthplace: In my heart they are and stay forever my babies!"  

Borzoi Breeding..., German Borzoi Breeder..., European borzoi puppies..., Borzois von Alshamina in Bauler/Germany...., Borzois out of great bloodlines!